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Joyce E. Divinyi, M.S.


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Joyce Divinyi is the owner and CEO of the Human Connection, Inc., in Peachtree City, Georgia.  The Human Connection provides executive consulting and coaching, professional training in the area of human relationships, as well as individual and family counseling.  It is an organization dedicated to improving people to people interactions and has been serving the local community and organizations nationwide for fifteen years.


Stress Management = Fiscal Management

Stress Management Strategies for the “Last Ones Standing.”

With massive cutback and layoffs, businesses are challenged to complete the same workload with fewer resources.  This pressure can place undue stress on the personnel left when all the layoff and cutbacks are in place.  Since stress is the leading cause of illness, and healthcare costs are a major financial consideration for any business, it is wise to provide stress management training for personnel who must carry the responsibility of moving forward with fewer resources. 


Consider bringing Stress Management Strategies for the “Last Ones Standing” to your workplace.   Ms. Divinyi provides a highly energetic and practical training session, which leaves participants feeling, renewed and committed to maintaining balance in the most stress filled environments.


With fiscal cutbacks at all levels of our economy, it is essential that organizations protect themselves from the unnecessary cost of replacing highly trained and experienced staff who have moved on because of extraordinary workplace stress.  Executive coaching can prevent the loss of valuable employees as a result of extraordinary work related stress.  It also helps bridge the gap for management level personnel who have comprehensive professional expertise but limited personnel management and communication skills.

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The Human Connection is a professional counseling and training organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations develop and maintain health enhancing lifestyles and work environments. The Human Connection also provides a wealth of information dealing with discipline and behavioral problems in kids.

Improving People to People Interactions


Executive communication coaching helps bridge the gap for management level personnel who have comprehensive professional expertise but limited personnel management and communication skills for dealing with difficult people or situations.  

Often a valuable employee is promoted because of a thoroughly developed technical expertise only to find that he or she is far less skilled in people management and interpersonal communications.  Their effectiveness as a leader is compromised because they are ill trained in the area of dealing with difficult employees, team building, motivation techniques and confronting poor performance and handling EEOC issues or emotionally intense situations.  Providing specific training and coaching in these areas is highly cost effective because it strengthens the overall leadership of the organization and ensures the retention of employees with valued expertise.

Executive Coaching...

Immediately at one with every audience, Joyce Divinyi is a rare talent, able to meld a perfect blend of professional information and personal experience to enlighten and entertain.  She is a virtual dynamo of humorous energy reflecting much more than her 20 years of education and front line experience.  She is a psychotherapist, author and professional speaker, highly qualified in stress management, anger management, trauma recovery, motivation and valuing ones personal energy.  As much fun as she is informative she offers a memorable experience for both audiences and individual clients. She has successfully trained and coached hundreds of executives across the country in management and motivational issues.

Professional Coaching provides specific direction, focused strategies and timely techniques which facilitates progress and improvement in difficult or challenging situations.  It teaches advanced communication, confrontation and motivational skills.  Executive coaching fosters leadership qualities which serve individuals well in all areas of their lives. Coaching provides a comfortable, cost effective, one-on-one opportunity to learn the strategies and techniques that individuals in leadership roles need to move teams forward, resolve conflicts, streamline communications, and improve performance for themselves and their subordinates. 

The E-T-A (Emotions-Thinking-Actions) Training Concepts:  Using a simple communications model based on the brain’s natural design, Divinyi helps executives, managers and frontline staff, understand, assess and respond versus react to the most difficult challenges and emotionally intense situations.   Her coaching and training model is streamline and efficient and specifically designed to reduce workplace stress, conserve personal energy and organizational resources.

Keep your talented and valued employees by coaching and training managers and supervisors to:

  • Resolve the most difficult staff conflicts before they become crisis.
  • Successfully address poor performance and negative attitudes without risking legal ramifications.
  • Maintain positive morale even in the face of negative setbacks.
  • Communicate effectively with the most challenging employees or colleagues.
  • Build cohesive and efficient teams through the use of the E-T-A communication concepts.
  • Advance organizational goals while attending to the needs of frontline staff.
  • Motivate subordinates to achieve the highest level of success.
  • Build positive relationships with difficult staff/customers/clients.
  • Create and maintain a healthy and balanced work environment.